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Lady Gaga Replaces Beyoncé At Coachella

Lady Gaga will be filling in for Beyoncé as Coachella’s Saturday headliner for the two-weekend festival. Gaga tweeted the news Tuesday: “Let’s party in the desert!” After Beyoncé cancelled her performance due to her pregnancy with twins, secondary ticket prices reportedly dipped over 10 percent for the annual desert festival, which takes place April 14-16 […]


A Lady Gaga Skeptic Comes Around

Not all that long ago, Lady Gaga struck me as a mashup of Madonna and Marilyn Manson. The Madonna parallels were obvious. Here was a pop star who, while incredibly talented, relied on a provocative style and lyrics that were intensely personal and promoted self-worth and acceptance of others. Here was also a pop star […]


Lady Gaga Protests Donald Trump Outside of Trump Tower

Lady Gaga took to Trump Tower early Wednesday morning to protest the results of the U.S. election. The “Bad Romance” singer, a well-known Hillary Clinton supporter, stood outside Donald Trump’s building and held a sign that read “Love trumps hate.” As the hours passed Tuesday night and it became clearer that Trump would win the […]