Father John Misty Releases Summery ‘Real Love Baby,’ Says Chipotle Offered Him $250K for Backstreet Boys Cover

Father John Misty has released a feel good summer anthem of his own, “Real Love Baby.”

The new single asks for “Real love baby/ ooh, don’t leave me waiting” over a laid back sound promoting the idea of just letting go, as Josh Tillman sings, “forget who we are for one night.”

Listen to “Real Love Baby” here:

Tillman’s love for authentic, real folk music came into the spotlight over the past weekend during Misty’s set at the Newport Folk Festival. The singer revealed to the crowd that Chipotle offered Misty $250,000 to cover Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way,” joking, “Yep, that’s my life. I was like, ‘Cool, so then I can just buy like two Cadillacs and just crash them together. I don’t want your fucking burrito money.'”

From there, as Consequence of Sound reports, he segued into a theory that in the near future “… the underclass in this country is going to produce a real folk hero that’s going to inspire a real revolution. And all of us are gonna have to die.”

Of course, that Backstreet Boys hit wound up getting covered by the Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard and Jim James of My Morning Jacket.  And though it didn’t necessarily seem that Tillman was criticizing those artists for recording the song, he later clarified his intention with telling the anecdote was to make a statement about the value of folk music.